10 Reasons Why Your Woman Cheated On You

There are a lot of issues in relationships nowadays. These issues are scattered over a wide variety of topics.
Today, though, I espouse upon why your woman cheated on YOU.

1. You were Unavailable; I see situations whereby the man is the distant partner, consumed by the rigours of a job. Such a man usually provides the material benefits for the wife but if you are a constant viewer of Nollywood movies, you would notice that the woman ends up doing something like sleeping with the gateman or men. Why? Material possessions are good, but the are never a substitute for presence.

2. She Wants To Test The Waters; This is akin to being in a room yet looking out the window. If she is not sure about the benefits of having you in her life, she might want to cast her net elsewhere.

3. She Needs Attention; Haven’t you noticed that men always want what already belongs to another man. Just because you married her does not mean other men are not trying to woo her with their sweet words and their optimum attention. You have to be on top of your game. See that you meet all of her physical and emotional needs.

4. She Has Roving Eyes; Sometimes it is not your fault. If you have the ill luck of being yoked with someone who is persistently discontent, nothing you do would ever satisfy her. In this case, maybe you should be with someone who would be more appreciative of your efforts.

5. She Wants To Feel Like A “Bad Girl”; This sounds funny but it is true. Some women cheat just because of the supposed thrill of it. This reason is mainly propagated by peer pressure and bad influence, especially with visual media forms.

6. You Are Bad In Bed; Another key reason why she might cheat on you is that you are lacklustre in bed. It is hard to be in a relationship with someone where s3x is insufficient and of poor quality.

7. She Wants To Try Something Different; This is also out of peer pressure. If she thinks her experiences are mute compared to whatever her friends are receiving she would be inspired to look elsewhere.

8. Revenge; She might also cheat because she wanted to get back at you who might also have cheated.

9. She Wants To Make You Jealous; She wants to gain your attention, and so she might cheat just so you begin to take note of her.

10. Material Favours; She might cheat when she want ostentatious items you can’t get for her. She might cheat so that the other guy would give her that little extra that you aren’t giving.

Thank you for reading.

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