5 Reasons Why You Cannot Make New Friends

To me, making friends is a piece of acake but to some people it is like a mission Impossible. No man is an island and we all needs friends to network and survive, if you’re the type who rarely makes new friends but want’s to make new friends but doesn’t know why it’s hard, these are some of the possible reasons.

1. You Don’t Give It Enough Time: Developing a bond with someone takes time. You have to actively be involved with meeting people in some way, like doing new activities, taking classes, volunteering, or the like, and while you do all this you’ve got to make small talk and see if you connect with someone. It’s a lot of work that can’t be rushed, or your friendships just won’t be genuine.

2. You Don’t Off As Approachable: How do you present yourself to new friends? Are you open and approachable? If not, you may be scaring people off from trying to get to know you better. Be careful of how you use your phone when you’re around new people as well. Too often, people text or talk on the phone when they’re nervous or don’t feel like mingling, and this will send the message to a potential new friend that you’re just too busy to talk.

3. You Don’t Show Interest in Other People: If the way you make friends is by talking about yourself, you’re probably not going to keep many good people in your life. Re-examine your conversation skills and how you’re coming across to people. If it’s all about you, mentally step back and ask thoughtful questions about your potential friends instead. People appreciate positive attention, so be sure to ask them about themselves.

4. You Don’t Do Enough New Activities: Sometimes you have to stretch out of your comfort zone in your order to meet different people. If you have hung out with the same people for years, you’ll have a harder time meeting new folks. If you’ve stayed in the same groups and with the same activities for a long time, it will be difficult to meet anyone new because you’ll be going to all the same familiar places.

5. You Don’t Know How to Be a Friend: Perhaps the problem is not something small, but a character flaw that causes you to push away people. Perhaps you’re used to making things all about you and not supporting others when they need it. If so, you’ll have a very hard time developing and maintaining any friendship.Try and open up more, instead of being uptight, and you’d soon realise it’s much easier to make new friends than you thought!

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