Nigerians are exceptional people , we pick up on trends and follow through, then we take the liberty to add some spice and boom to make it more stunning. This is the typical case of the gele which we have fully embraced and spiced up with the dazzling stones and stunning pearls.
It’s no news that most of us ladies get so confused on gele styles to rock just after we are properly made up for an occasion. Gele has a way of accentuating a woman’s look and making her look regal and this is one of the most frustrating occurrences especially when we are in a hurry for an occasion.
Well not to worry, there are so many styles of gele you can rock to a traditional event especially if you want to make a difference or statement in a wedding or any Nigerian event. It all boils down to preference. The material of your gele goes a long way in making your gele style the best because this determines whether the pleats of the gele would stay intact when folded or not.
The material should be one that can be easily manipulated to desired shape and style. Always opt for gele materials that are soft and easy to style to get the desired pleats and shape.
Below are some amazing Nigerian traditional wedding gele styles you can be sure would get heads turning in any event. Scroll down to see….

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