For weddings your shoe should have one word “Comfort” sadly many shoe’s that tickle our fancy are not comfortable. While perfection is an illusion we still strive to achieve it, and thus the need to have a comfortable and striking shoe to match your wedding day.
Picking the right bridal shoe however has a lot more to do with the atmosphere of the event than anything else; If your wedding happens to be garden themed that means you would be in a garden and this translates to the simple fact that big box heels (two inches) and wedges (4 inches maximum) are about your only ‘heel’ option (flats & sandals are always accessible).
The above might work since its a garden wedding but for beach weddings its preferable to just do ‘fancy’ sandals because if you attempt a 2″inch heel upwards then you would be wobbling and you would spend half the time concentrating on how uncomfortable you are than actually listening to your vows.
For indoor weddings, you could go as high as six inches  but then its only wise if you are comfortable with it, if not its best to stick to 2-4 inches stiletto’s or sandal heels.
We’ve talked about height, lets talk about fabric; for outdoor weddings your fabric should be cleanable, therefore any shoe that is made from cloth is a no-no go for leather/faux leather type fabric. For indoor weddings any and every fabric would walk well.
Now remember, its always wise to have a more comfortable pair of shoe’s just in case… Lets check out some bridal shoe ideas shall we:
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