Head wrap is an identity of a true African Queen. We love head wraps, not only because they make up for the days your hair refuses to cooperate but they can add some glamour to your outfit. A woman looks very pretty when she covers her head. Nigerian women love their head wraps as no matter the occasion a Nigerian woman’s dressing is incomplete if she doesn’t have her gele on. They are a big part of our social attire. Anyway, that is a story for another day.
Interestingly, these head wraps come in different types. Well for today, we are looking at this season’s popular and trendy ”gele and turban”. Most women would agree with me that these two head wraps are life saving when it comes to bad hair days.
Unfortunately most of our ladies struggle when it comes to making beautiful gele and turban styles. Ladies often think it’s difficult to tie beautiful styles with these head wraps but creativity is the thing here. From the numerous gele styles to the stereotyped turban styles, all that matters is the stunning and put together looks they portray.
Although they come in entirely different materials, today’s trends are fashionable, stylish and beautiful pieces in various designs, sizes, shapes and colours which often make them the best choices for Nigerian women.
Just in handy for your weekend events, here is a look book on gele and turban styles for you…


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