When you think of printed fabrics, what pops into your head? Right now, we’ve got floral patterns on the brain, which isn’t surprising considering floral’s are perhaps one of the most ubiquitous motifs in fashion. Inherently beautiful, and available in a million different colours, textures, and styles, most of us likely have at least one floral dress or shirt hanging in the closet and joining them is the new floral details is “aso ebi”.
Nigerian Aso Ebi scene has seen the advent and extinction of so many trends and the latest trend we are loving is the floral details. These floral details aso ebi are this seasons go-to prints for weddings. These aso ebi showcase the loveliest 3D-flower trimming or appliqué attached to a neutral hue background fabric which really makes the neutral hue come alive.
In addition to being a universal symbol of femininity, a “language of flowers” was prevalent in different cultures and time periods, and allowed for diversity in the design of patterns. Certainly these new trend lend a touch of loveliness with a little drama to Aso ebi styles.
Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of weddings. Perhaps this is why the floral details aso ebi trend is one that just won’t go away for now. Get on the trend with these fabulous looks we’ve got for you below….
The floral continue to be an iconic aspect of fashion. This new floral details aso ebi motif is here to stay, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for it.

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