I must commend most of our Nigerian parents for taking time to see that their kids look good always. It’s a popular practice to see Nigerian parents buy expensive designer clothes for their kids in order for them to stand out among other kids. However, not everyone is able to spend much on clothing when there are other basic needs to take of.
There is one secret many parents seem not to know; the fact that you can actually make beautiful clothes for kids from Ankara fabrics which will still look nice on them.
In Africa, we are not only subjected to only one type of fabric or print rather there are other types of fabrics involved like the Dashiki, Aso-oke, kente, tie-dye and many others, but let’s be particular about the Ankara specifically for our lovely kids.
Our kids need to try something new in a spectacular African way. Trust me, the Ankara fabric is all they need to make this exploration this week.
Inspiring you and the entire family is always our aim here. Therefore, you’ve just got to create time to journey to sewing Ankara fabrics for your kids. There are carefully selected Ankara styles that will make your kids stand out among their peers.
Here are the kiddies Ankara styles for this lovely week;
Style 1
Style 2
Style 3
Style 4
Style 5
Style 6
Come rain come shine, your little divas are sure to look dashing in these lovely outfits. They will even be the ones asking you for more. All you need do is just to play your part and leave the option of loving it or not for them!

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